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Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing that clears stress from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, using muscle reflex testing to remove negative patterns, self-limiting beliefs, sabotage programs and emotional stress.  Initial research commenced in the 1960’s when Dr George Goodhart DC discovered that muscle testing could be used to gather information from the body.

Muscle testing challenges the bio-feedback mechanism present in all muscles to reveal imbalances within the body.  At its most simple, it involves gentle pressure on the midpoint of any particular muscle.  The findings may expose symptoms and issues.  This system is called Applied Kinesiology and it lead to many chiropractors embracing Chinese medicine techniques, utilising acupressure on the points of the meridian system.

Kinesiology uses non-invasive scientific techniques to maintain health in the physical body, emotional self and spiritual aspects of our lives.  Kinesiology uses the concept that the body can heal itself given the right environment.


I have helped men and women overcome anxiety, weight issues, navigating divorce or relationship breakdowns, overcoming PTSD symptoms, money blocks, confidence and so much more.  Kinesiology can help with any issue that you feel is holding you back.

One of the most powerful aspects of kinesiology is it’s ability to help you to move beyond limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your personal best.  Performance kinesiology is my unique system that accesses the deep unconscious drives that prevent us from succeeding.  Performance kinesiology can help anyone to set and achieve goals, increase motivation to start a training program, a dietary regime or go for the next big deal or promotion with a success mind-set.

Kinesiology brings awareness to what is keeping you feeling stuck or blocked, and then directs us to exactly what your body needs or wants in order to release the blocks. You’re then able to more freely move toward your dreams and goals, your desires and intentions, without dragging around uncertainty, confusion or overwhelm in the process.


Kinesiology is a profound modality that can be conducted remotely. I use my own energy system to tap into yours, via the bio-feedback system of muscle testing. Just like I would in a face to face session, muscle testing is the way in which I’m able to talk to your body. Instead of using your muscles, I use my own.  I will share with you the insights that come from our connection as well as teaching you the healing techniques so you can do them at home yourself.  This means, if ever the symptoms arise again, you will know what to do.

We can meet over Zoom or other online method.


When you arrive you will have a mentoring session understanding what goal or issue you would like to work on.  After this you will take your shoes off and lie on the therapy table.  You are fully clothed during each session.  Each session is called a ‘balance’ meaning the ultimate goal is to bring you into balance.  Kinesiology uses a bio-feedback technique called muscle testing, which means testing the integrity of the various muscles in your body.   This identifies where there may be physical, biochemical, mental/emotional, energetic or spiritual imbalances.  Then we use a number of techniquest to release the blockages and balance your mind, body and spirit.  You will then receive an email within 48 hours, outlining what you need to do at home to continue your healing and integrate your session.

Self-care is a practice, not an indulgence.


After a Kinesiology session you may feel lighter, less reactive, floaty and sometimes depending on your session, you may feel tired.  You may find that you have more energy, physical symptoms are resolved and situations that were upsetting you prior, no longer bother you.  Some may experience heavy emotions for a few days after whilst they ‘let go’ of or release emotions and integrate the effects of the balance and some walk out feeling amazing and never look back.

It is recommended that you take it easy after your balance, go for a light walk, spend some time in nature and let your thoughts and emotions process and integrate as much as possible.  Kinesiology works with the subconscious, so some find that thoughts and memories are triggered and you may remember things long after the session has finished.


Kinesiology is like peeling off the layers of an onion.  You can achieve huge shifts in just one session, some feel tired and feel shifts gradually over a period of weeks.  Many clients find that the more sessions they have, the more they clear and the better their life becomes.  In each session, there is take home activities and support to help you integrate the balance and the change you are looking for.

A recommended treatment plan as a minimum is to have an initial balance with a follow up around four weeks later with a personalised recording that you listen to daily until your follow up appointment.  I have found that this process creates the most powerful results.  That’s why I developed the ELEVATE + Mentoring program to help clients achieve a specific goal, such as health or fitness, improved relationships, navigating a life change, helping you cope with difficult situations, money blocks, or self worth issues and more.

Ready to feel calmer, healthier & more focused?

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