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The magic of Kinesiology

The first time I experienced Kinesiology I knew I’d found something game changing.  My Kinesiologist identified some incredible things about me in only a few tests.   After each session, I felt like another layer had been lifted and things that had triggered me for years were no longer bothering me.  In fact, it was like they never did.

After a few months, the anxiety I had carried around with me like a weighted blanket and battled for years cleared after only a few sessions.  I was blown away!

I realised that Kinesiology was not only magical, it was seriously life changing.

Within a few short months, I had focus, clarity and a zest for life that I had not experienced in years – YOU CAN TOO!

~ Kinesiology is suited to the individual who wants to be happier, desires a life they love, has experienced some pain or trauma and is ready to do the work to heal ~

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I currently offer in person sessions in Brighton and online.  Book below to work with me 1:1.  Email me at carla@alifeinprogress.com.au if you would like additional time options.

BALANCE Kinesiology Session (new client)

$180 AUD

BALANCE Kinesiology Session (follow up session)

$150 AUD


Bayside Melbourne + Online

Every life event both effects and affects us, from the way we interact with everyone we cross paths with in life to how we respond under pressure. We store each emotional, physical and mental message in our cellular memory and each one can impact our life. By breaking through these stresses and stores we can re-wire the neural pathways in our brain and change life-long habits, behaviours, sabotage programmes and turn to a life of positive connection and manifestation of abundance.

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that relies on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess energy and body function throughout the mind/body system.

Here's what to expect

1. Working through your current challenges + setting clear goals

You will complete a detailed intake form and I will review prior to our session.  I will tune into your themes and patterns and we will look at specific goals that we will use to frame our session and get the most powerful results.

We will gain an overview of some of the key issues which may be blocking you and help you shift your energy and align you to your big goals we’ve worked together to define.

The foundation of your personal and business success must be centred around your overall health + mindset.  YOU are your biggest asset.

2. Initial 1.5 hour Kinesiology Session either in-person or via Zoom

Our first face to face session will be based on your goals you want to focus on and I will dive straight in.  This is where will will gain an overview of some of the issues that may be blocking you and help you shift your energy and align to what you want to attract more of.  The issues you will bring to our session may feel big and heavy, and when we shift them, it will make a HUGE difference to your life and how you operate.

I am skilled at finding the source of problems by identifying limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back, highlighting patterns or even past experiences that are still impacting you today.  I will help you release it all in one session.

3. After our Session - Home Reinforcement

In most occasions I will recommend home reinforcement activities which will range from nutritional modifications, movement suggestions, repeating affirmations for a period of time, or mindfulness practices.

Home reinforcement makes your experience so much more powerful for longer as the benefits of the balance are continued in daily life and become a new way of being.

Feel Healthy, Confident & Unstoppable

Helping high-achieving men + women become happier and more confident, so they can achieve their goals and feel confident to grow their success even more.

If you are like most of my clients, you are a high achiever and desire to live a life on purpose with your priorities and values.  You are driven professionally, want the best for your family, desire happiness and fulfilment.  You want to be a good role model.  However, your balance is currently not where it needs to be.

Kinesiology will serve people whom:

  • have already identified a pattern or behaviour that is holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • have a desire to seek clarity in what your next step may be.
  • are seeking deeper connections in your relationships and would like to remove blocks that are stopping you from enjoying more fulfilling connections.
  • are wanting to become more impactful as a partner, parent or leader, but are struggling with limiting beliefs and cognitive biases that are holding you back from being able to truly inspire and connect with others.
Bradley Kaine CEO Kaine Mathrick Tech

Intelligent, Intuitive, Insightful

Prior to attending my session I knew very little about Kinesiology, and I still would not be able to explain exactly what kinesiology is or how it works.  But after every session, there is a noticeable shift in my mindset and perception.  I have managed to implement changes that have been long lasting.

Carla is intuitive and has a wealth of life experience and is fast at identifying the real issues which always provides game changing AH-HA moments.