Performance Kinesiology for Business Leaders + Teams

Business Performance + Kinesiology Services

Do you want your employees to be healthier and more productive? A Performance Kinesiologist can work with your leadership teams or employees to conduct sessions to improve your team’s overall wellness, lifestyle, physical activity and diet to ultimately optimise their performance and focus.

New research shows that Workplace Wellness Programs that follow the traditional goals of assisting employees to “get fit” and lower the cost of access to healthcare are unsuccessful.  (Bloomberg Business Jan 2018)

Depending on the complexities of a businesses function and culture, leaders and staff could be experiencing mental, psychological and emotional pressures.  These pressures can extend beyond what is comfortable and create tension and stress affecting their performance at work.

Milestone life events, such as death, selling a home and or managing mental health and the related complexities, come with ‘big’ emotions. Real support for staff comes in the form of fostering a work culture that allows staff to lead balanced and healthy lives.  Quartz at Work, 2019

Given, what is balance for one human is very different for another, how do you tailor a Wellness Program that caters to all? Quite simply… you muscle test.

Muscle testing is a simple non evasive method used by kinesiologists to find the priority stressors to an individual. It is a direct method to identify the core reason for stress and then ascertain the unique answers from an individual’s body on how to alleviate the stress.

Kinesiology can shift the accountability of the health and wellbeing of your teams to the individual.  Afterall, it is their habits, mindset and patterns that are shaping their life and affecting their performance at work.

A Kinesiologist is someone who can help with pain, emotional disturbances and many other, health conditions.  Carla Kaine is a Performance Kinesiologist + Mindset Coach helping business owners, leadership teams and employees achieve their best at work and in their personal lives.  Using a blend of Kinesiology, Coaching and Ayurveda, wellbeing and performance issues can be addressed.

Signature Pop Up Clinic

Our signature pop up clinic is like no other, we create the atmosphere, service and care of a Kinesiology clinic at your workplace.

Sessions can be conducted in the comfort of the workplace within a spare office or conference facility.  Each session is 45 minutes and tailored to the individual. Balances can be completed back to back by prior booking.

Investment $1500 (5 hours – 6 sessions)

This program easily ties in with HR mindfulness programs, ergonomic assessments and behaviour-based training.