Helping Australian families in need

With every session with me, you will make a difference in a child’s life.

For every treatment or service provided by myself, I will be gifting $10 from every session to St Kilda Mums.

Having been a single mum for over 10 years, this is an organisation aligned with my heart.  Having felt the fear of having to rebuild my career, my life and support my daughter, I can relate to the many mothers out there who are struggling and doing their best to provide for their families.  That is why I have decided that I will be giving back to St Kilda mums ongoing to help children in need.

I believe that having a choice is power.  That is why I am committed to helping create a world where we reduce the waste of unwanted toys and items and extend the lifecycle of children’s items whilst providing much-needed relief and joy to Australian families.

St Kilda Mums Logo

In 2021 St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums reached over 38,280 children in need by donating over 63 thousand items at a value of over $7 million dollars.

Our support means that every year St Kilda Mums can:

  • Help babies and children stay safe
  • Support families to feel valued and connected
  • Assist more social workers and maternal health nurses in their work with Victoria’s most vulnerable families, and;
  • Prevent more quality pre-loved nursery equipment, children’s clothing, books and toys from needlessly ending up in landfill.

It is my pledge to raise $5000 by June 2023.

Status $220

(As of August 2022).  I know it is small, but its a start x